At Home Quarantine Photo Shoots

Tips for preparing your in-home photoshoot during quarantine.

If you want to give it a try, find a section in your home that is well lit. Taking pictures in front of a window or using a space with a lot of windows is best. Your space should be free of clutter and objects that will obstruct the camera focus. Also, be sure to wear colors that will help you stand out from the space, and make sure you have the correct posture and keep your face always directed towards the camera. 

When you are ready, here’s one way to set it up.

Living Room

Step one: Open your camera app and place your cell phone on your TV stand, wall shelf, end table, or any space that will frame where you want to be photographed.

Step two: Turn on the lights in the space. If you have a window, open your blinds and move your curtains to let it in as much light as possible. 

Step three: Go to your camera settings and set your camera timer to 10 seconds.

Step four: Position yourself where you want your picture taken.

Step five: Say “Cheese” or do a fun expression until the camera flashes. 

Step six: Email us your picture and we will edit it for FREE! BONUS: If your phone has a “Portrait Mode” setting, try playing with this option, too, as it can help increase photo clarity! 

Make sure you are satisfied with your image before you send it to us. If the image is too dark, blurry, or of poor quality, we will not be able to edit it.

Happy Shooting!

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